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What is and who are PH Therapy?

First of all, let me just say welcome and that by looking at this you have made the first step towards getting some needed help and that in itself is a major step forward and I congratulate you.

PH Therapy was set up by myself (Paul) with the aim to help people living with mental health difficulties, and from the experiences that we have gained over the years from therapy and also from being trained counsellors that it would hopefully help others work through their problems and to put the clients on the road to feeling better within themselves and on the right path and eventually succeeding to full recovery or at least happiness and wellbeing.

PH Therapy was set up by myself after experiencing how the effects of having counselling round 20 years ago, and how in particular Person Centred (talking therapy) can help someone. I was very much like most people with regards to the thought of going and seeing a stranger and talking about my problems, and I was very reluctant to do this but once I was there and started to open up about my issue, then the easier it became.

Unfortunately like the majority of people when they think about counselling, there is this stigma attached to it that if you need to go and see a 'shrink', 'therapist' or 'counsellor' then you are not a well person. This still very much stands today with people's perception of therapy, but in actual fact it is slowly and surely becoming more socially acceptable and a good thing to do, but the stigma will always be there for some people.

From my own experience back then of counselling, I gained many tools to help myself in everyday life situations and found that I was able to deal and cope with what was put in front of me. I have since taken all those skills learned and used them to good affect not only on myself but with helping others that were/are in need of help and guidance. Over the years I have helped many people get through various situations from addictions through to suicide, mental health issues, depressions and PTSD.

From this over the years it has helped myself grow as a person and also to look at every single individual in a different way and now with new techniques coming out it is easier to help people get the desired advice and help that they need.

I have over the years worked in conjunction with Southend Borough Council & CHP (Chelmer Housing Partnership) in providing sessions to many clients.

You can also find my profile on the following websites:

BACP: https://www.bacp.co.uk/therapists/402233/paul-hutchins/brentwood-cm14

Counselling Directory: https://www.counselling-directory.org.uk/counsellors/paul-hutchins

Psychology Today: https://www.psychologytoday.com/profile/1069360

Below are some of the comments from them too:

"Thanks for all your help, I wouldn't of been able to do it without you" - Ross

"You're the only person that I trust to talk too" - Reece

"You are such an asset to have in the counselling profession" - China

"You have helped me come through such dark times, so thank you" - Richard


Paul Hutchins MBACP

BACP Registered Member

Diploma in Psychotherapy and Therapeutic Counselling
(Dip in Couns)

Diploma in CBT with the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Diploma in CBT with IANLPC

Certificate in Life Coaching
& Mentoring



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